Terms and rates

Every translation project is unique, but if you have a tight budget it’s important for you to know roughly what linguistic services will cost.

So, I will always share my basic fee for translation with you when you first get in touch. From there, we can discuss your specific project and find a price that works for us both.



Translation is often charged for by the number of words in the source text, but is sometimes done on an hourly basis. The basic fee varies according to the type of text and the number of words to be translated.

Post editing

Post-editing is paid per WW (weighted words) and the rate can vary depending on the machine output quality.


Subtitling might be paid per minutes of video or per hours of work, depending on the type of video to be translated.

Liaison interpreting

Liaison interpreting is paid per hours/days of engagement depending on the field of expertise, the cost of travel and the service required.

Discounts may be applied to large projects, but if you have a very tight deadline an additional fee will apply.

I usually accept payments in Euro or US dollars via bank transfer, but can also accept payment via PayPal if you prefer.

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